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Single Guys in the Swingers Scene

By Brian Williams

The position on single guys in the swinger's scene has always been a bit contentious. Some people think that they should be banned from events and parties, while others think there is some place for them, as long as it's well controlled.  

For instance, we don't allow single guys into Debauchery, our own swinger's party, although we allow a limited number to attend Saints and Sinners.  Provided they are accompanied by a couple also attending, who are prepared to vouch for their integrity and good behaviour. Some swinger's parties differ from us and do allow single guys to attend, and that's their choice.

Similarly, it's obvious from some of the ads that there are a lot of couples out there who'd like a guy to play with, as part of a threesome, so single guys fit in to the scheme of things very well.

I was reminded of the contradictory views concerning single men last week, when a guy turned up at the office, very indignant about an experience he'd had at a swinger's party he'd attended. He'd gone along with a female partner, who then decided to leave after a couple of hours. The guy wanted to stay at the party on his own. The couple running the party told him this was not acceptable. What annoyed the guy most was that there were more women than men at the party, and he thought he should have been allowed in solely for that reason. No matter how much I tried to explain to him how things worked, he kept insisting that there was a 'shortage of guys'.

So, for him and others like him, here's how it all works. Almost all swingers' parties will allow extra women to come along. This is because from past experience that not all women want to have sex at swinger's parties, so a few extra women can help the overall ambience of the evening. Some just want to watch, or have sex with other women only. Therefore, extra women at a party does not mean that there is a shortage of men. Put simply, practically every guy who goes to a swingers party wants to have sex with another woman there, while only a percentage of women want sex with other guys. A few extra women at a party actually helps the equilibrium.

If I could have one wish granted this year it would be that I'd stop getting calls at the office from single guys asking if there are any extra women coming to our parties who need a partner.

Guys, the truth of the matter is that NO woman NEEDS a male partner to come to a party with her, and even if there was one who was looking for a partner, I'm not going to recommend that she take some guy who's rung the office out of the blue, and who I've never met before. 

Guys, the sad fact in all this is that if you want a partner to bring to a swinger's party, there is no substitute for getting off your arse and finding her yourself... that's what every other guy had to do!

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