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Wife Goes Gang Bang!

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My wife and I have been married ten years and have been swinging for about three.  She is in her early 30's, reddish 
blonde hair, 5'6", 55kg with medium sized breasts and very little body hair. She likes to have her pussy eaten which she 
usually keeps shaven from her clit down. When you press your lips to her soft, smooth pussy it is almost like the first 
time you did it when you were a teenager. She had only had two other men actually penetrate her so you can imagine how tight her pussy is.  This is where the story really begins.

We ultimately met and had sex with two couples but strangely enough, Louise never consummated intercourse with the 
male half of the couple. This was not due to lack of trying on her part. Of the seven couples we’ve met to swing with, two had trouble getting it up, two others were voyeurs only, another was interrupted by their kids and the two that did get in were extremely small. Needless to say, she was one frustrated woman.

On one occasion we were with another couple and all was going well until the male half of the couple started comparing 
her fellatio technique with his wife's and insinuated she had a lot to learn. Louise was upset and her feeling were hurt. We ended the encounter abruptly and after the other couple left, she asked me if she was inferior to the other woman's technique. I replied, she did it better and to disregard the other guy's comments as way off base and just stupid. However, she kept asking me if she was a good fuck, even though she had only had three men inside her. After a week of questioning, I finally thought if I agreed with her hypothesis, she would let it go and concentrate on meeting another couple we were more compatible with. Boy was I wrong.

Instead of accepting my tacit agreement, she decided I would not get any pussy from her until after four other men gave her a good fucking. I tried to reason with her saying I had just basically agreed for the sake of agreement but she wouldn't budge. After a week of hand jobs and blow jobs, I realized she was serious and decided to set something up for  her as soon as possible. We had been frustrated in meeting compatible single males through our ads and basically were sticking with couples. 
We are extremely selective when meeting single males since they are often married or " running around " and sometimes 
seem risky to meet with. We met with a single male once and the experience was so bad that we have considered giving 
up on a threesome and just sticking with couples. The male we met was very rough and insensitive and interested in his 
own pleasure. It was terrible.

We had gotten replies from lots of single males even though we did not advertise for them and I went through our old 
letters to find them. After reading what seemed like millions of replies, I narrowed it down to four guys and wrote them 
letters explaining our situation. They all replied back quickly and agreed to meet at a local motel on predetermined 
nights. I let Louise know what nights she would meet them and gave her basic information about each one. She 
remembered most of the guys and got really hot looking at each ones' photo. The idea of her fucking each one really 
turned her on and she thanked me for setting everything up.
The first encounter was set up for a Monday night and when I arrived home from work, Louise was shaving her pussy in 
the bathtub. I was sort of tired and laid down on the bed to take a brief nap. When I awoke, she was standing over me 
and was dressed in her sexiest black lace garter belts and push-up bra. I tried to get her to let me eat her pussy but she 
wouldn't let me. She replied she was saving it for Alan, the man she was going to fuck later at the motel.

We arrived at the motel and Louise had on only a raincoat over her garter belt and bra which guaranteed Alan quick and 
easy access. We got out of the car and knocked on the room door. Alan answered and was dressed in a coat and tie. We 
went inside and made some small talk for a few minutes, suddenly Louise stood up and took her raincoat off. Alan and I 
both were sort of shocked but he immediately started shedding his clothes. His cock sprang out of his underwear and 
looked to be around 8 inches long and at least six around. Louise dropped to her knees and began sucking him as he 
undulated his hips to meet her strokes. She stopped and asked him to lay back on the bed. He responded and she straddled his face and he began to eat her shaven pussy with vigour. She started coming wildly and bucked on his face until I could see her pussy stop spasming in orgasmic contractions. From my vantage point at the end of the bed, I could see perfectly as she moved down and grasped his erection to guide him into her pussy. The head of his cock began to enter her and then suddenly stopped as if it had hit a wall. I knew this was the point where her vaginal muscles were extremely tight and his big cock might not make it. Louise turned to look at me while 
simultaneously relaxing her muscles to let his hard cock slide into her. His cock disappeared into her and she moved forward to pull it back out again. Louise continued to fuck him and I noticed his balls start to tighten in anticipation of orgasm. She buried her pussy onto his thrusting cock just as he started to come. He groaned as he shot a load deep inside her and she tightened her pussy muscles to make it even tighter.
They remained joined for a while until he shrank and slipped out. Louise got up and thanked him for the fuck. Alan seemed sort of surprised but she said it was almost ten o'clock and she had to get up early in the morning. I was also sort of surprised but got out my car keys as she put her raincoat back on.

When we got home I wanted to fuck her wet pussy but she wouldn't let me until she had all four men fuck her first. I 
thought I was going to go crazy, but I had no one to blame but myself. I settled for a blowjob but kept hoping the other encounters would hurry up so I could get some pussy soon.
The second encounter was set for the next evening. Louise chose her red garter and bra set and again wore the raincoat 
over it. We arrived at the motel and I noticed that she had not closed the raincoat entirely. You could see her erect 
nipples jutting through the open neckline as we knocked on David's room door.

David was a bit older than us and had a distinct British accent. His salt and pepper hair almost made him seem fatherly 
and Louise was immediately turned on by the idea of fucking an older man. Instead of small talk this time, Louise moved 
over to him and started kissing him and fondling his crotch. I could tell that he was getting very excited with the idea of 
fucking this attractive, younger woman as she pulled his cock out through his opened zipper. She removed her raincoat 
and started fondling his cock with fast, full strokes. They moved to the side of the bed and she undressed him completely. His cock was about the same size as mine, 6 inches long, but slightly larger in diameter but had a large bulbous head that was an inch or two larger than his shaft. They moved into a 69 and Louise began to noisily lick and slurp his huge head. Every few licks she would deep throat him to his balls and moan loudly. She began to wildly pump her hips up and down as he ate her and I knew she was getting off. After she came completely she moved up to kiss him and I could see she was ready to take his cock into her sopping pussy.

From my vantage point, I could see perfectly as she grasped his shaft and moved his head into position to enter. She had him in position to enter but his huge head was even larger than the one on the cock she had the night before. I could see her slippery wetness all over his cock but it wouldn't go in. She turned around and asked me if I would help. I had never touched a man's cock before but being in a pussyless situation, I'd do about anything at this point. I moved to the side of the bed and grasped his cock in my left hand and rotated the head of his cock around my wife's inner pussy lips and up to her clit. She was getting extremely wet and her juices were flowing down my hand and continued down his shaft. She lifted herself up and I guided his cock in as she impaled herself on his huge cock head. It slipped in and she stopped for a moment to adjust to his size. After a minute or so, Louise moved on down to fully accept all of his cock inside her.  She rode him for at least an hour as he sucked on her nipples and played with her erect clit. 

I watched, standing next to them until he asked if he could come in her. She replied definitely, and to go for it. I moved down between their legs and caught the end of him releasing his hot load deep inside her tired pussy. They remained joined for a few more minutes as my wife complimented his technique and thanked him for giving her two orgasms. Just as the night before, she climbed off, put on her raincoat and we left.

By the time we got home, I was about to explode with blue balls. I had a hard-on throughout the entire affair and thought I could play upon her sympathy to finally let me screw her. She was still adamant about having four guys and offered to give me a hand job. Faced with no alternative, I agreed and had an intense orgasm but was glad I had only two more days left until I could get in her pussy.

I was a few minutes late getting home from work on Wednesday and Louise was noticeably pissed off. She pointed out that if I didn't follow through with our prearranged meeting times, I could jeopardize getting her pussy for myself. I tried to diffuse the tension by complimenting her on her purple and black laced crotchless panties and bra but she remained angry. When she put her raincoat on this time, she didn't even close it. As we drove to the motel, she made no effort to conceal herself at stoplights or even as we walked to knock on Steve's door.
When Steve answered the door, he seemed surprised to see my wife dressed in lingerie, basically open to his full view. 

He was a body builder about 25 years old and looked fit and trim. We started to make small talk when Louise opened her legs and began to play with herself. She asked Steve if he would take off his clothes and put his cock in her mouth as she masturbated herself. He replied by practically ripping off his clothes and moving toward her like a jungle cheetah. His cock was about 8 inches long but looked bigger framed by his tight abdominal muscles. As my wife played with herself she took his cock in her mouth and played with his balls with both hands. Her clit was standing straight up when she stopped for a second and asked if they could move to the bed and fuck. He replied sort of sheepishly he would feel self conscious about fucking her in front of me. In the previous encounters he had, the husband would usually leave the room and allow him to service the wife. He felt his performance was better and he was more comfortable. Louise looked directly at me and asked if I would wait in the car outside for her. I was reluctant to leave her alone but she said she would be OK. Due to my lack of pussy, I agreed and went outside.

I sat in the car and noted it was seven-thirty. After four hours waiting, I was just about to find out what was going on when the door opened and Louise gave Steve a goodbye kiss as he flashed me a thumbs up sign. Louise got into the car and I was more than a little pissed off after my wait. Louise sensed this and began to tell me what took so long.  After I left, they moved to the bed and started to fuck. She came a couple of times but he was still hard and ready to continue. They changed to her on top as he played with her tits. After humping him for an hour, he started to come but never shrank in size. This turned her on and she immediately got even hornier. They sat up with him still inside her and he picked her up off the bed. In this position, his thrusts were going even deeper and she felt a strange sensation as he began to pummel her. She suddenly began to come with uncontrollable spasms as he let a huge load of semen loose 
deep into her pussy. They laid on the bed for a few minutes, bathed in sweat and body fluids. She suggested they take a 
shower and they moved into the bathroom. After soaping each other up and rinsing the residual sex from each other, 
Louise got down on all fours and he fucked her doggie style for what seemed like hours. As he brought her to an orgasm by manipulating her stiffened clit, he came in her again. She had lost total track of time until she realized her hair had dried from the shower they had taken. She got up to look at her watch on the nightstand and saw it was eleven o'clock. She realized the length of time they had been fucking and left him her panties and bra as a souvenir, putting her raincoat on quickly as she exited.  She apologized for taking so long as we pulled into the driveway. I was mad that I was worried about her since she was 
obviously having such a good time. She slid across the seat and unzipped my zipper. Taking my cock into her mouth, 
she urged me to stick my finger inside her and use Steve's come as a lubricant to finger fuck her. I was so turned on that 
I came in about four strokes of her head and shot part of my load onto the dashboard in front of us. She giggled and told 
me that after number four tomorrow night, her pussy would be more likely than the dashboard to receive my load.

All day at work Thursday, I was thinking about her final encounter with Chris, who would be number four. I had saved 
the best for last, knowing that he was hung almost a full eleven inches. I hurried home early and surprised Louise who was in bed using her vibrator. She seemed embarrassed by the fact she was masturbating knowing she would be fucked in a couple of hours. I told her that was great and I wouldn't mind her continuing while I watched. She looked puzzled, but continued to finish to an intense orgasm.  Around seven, I was waiting for her to come out of the bedroom with her chosen set of lingerie when she appeared, totally naked. I asked her if she would hurry up and put something on so we could get going but she replied this time 
she was going totally naked. I thought she meant underneath her raincoat until she walked out the back door and got 
into the car. I was totally stunned but extremely turned-on at the same time.

During our drive to the motel, she made no effort to conceal herself, even when a car full of teenagers pulled up next to us at a light. They hooted and hollered at her and tried to follow us but I lost them before we got to the motel. I was almost a nervous wreck as she stood next to me, naked, as I knocked on Chris' motel room door. He answered and appeared as shocked as I was when Louise paraded into his room. She laid on the bed and spread her legs saying something to the effect of come and get it big boy.  Chris looked at me and I smiled to him with a gesture of my hand to go for it. He kneeled between Louise's legs and started to eat her pussy. Since he was about six foot seven, his large mouth could encompass her entire pussy and this really turned Louise on. She came in about five minutes with a great deal of loud moaning.

She offered to suck Chris but he said he was hard enough and would like to fuck her. She seemed pleased and reached down to undo his belt buckle. She pulled his pants down reached into his underwear and grasped the base of his cock. As she pulled it out, her eyes got wider and wider until his full eleven inch erection was visible. She shuddered as she pressed his head at the entrance of her vagina. She couldn't get him in at first but Chris being the experienced gentleman he was, pulled out some lubricant and placed it on the head of his cock. Slowly, he guided his lengthy manhood into her tight pussy, giving her time to adjust.  Louise started to slowly rock back and forth pushing her clit into his pubic bone. Her head was thrown back and eyes 
shut but I knew she was enjoying herself immensely. She had always wanted to try a huge cock and this was her 
chance. They had been coupled for several minutes when Louise suddenly began to come and pushed herself deeper onto Chris' probing cock. As she did he began to cry out and they came simultaneously.

I was watching intently the entire time and had never seen my wife come with such intensity. After Chris withdrew, she remained resting on the bed, calmly breathing and savouring her experience. We continued talking for a while and I walked over to make sure she was OK. As I leaned down to check on her, she grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers. We kissed passionately for a couple of minutes and she thanked me for setting everything up. She sat up and got off the bed and thanked Chris as well. She told him that she couldn't stand another stretching like he had done to her twice in one night and hoped someday they could do it again. With that, we left for home.

Needless to say, I have enjoyed my wife's active imagination and fun twists to our normal sex life. Since these experiences, she has attained a new level of sexual confidence which has been a tremendous benefit to both of us. We have been enjoying renewed vigour in our sexual relationship, except now she’s saying she might not let me go down on her until I find four girls she can..

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