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"I just don't know about swinging" Debbi said, as she looked over
her Friday afternoon beer. "Meeting with a group of people I
have nothing in common with, just to fuck a stranger doesn't hold much interest for me."
"All I'm saying is to give it a try" Greg stated, walking over to his wife, "We'll go and check out the scene, and if either one of us doesn't like what is happening, we'll just leave and put down to experience." 

Since moving to Sydney (the city) both Debbi and Greg had become interested and very active participating in "adult" conversations on the internet, and had been amazed at the number of "couple" and "swinging" messages they had seen. One message had mentioned a club nearby which was, by account, a meeting place for swingers. Debbi sipped her drink, uncrossing her long legs while she pondered what she thought was possibly just a manifestation of her husband's perception of life passing him by. "Why is this important to you?" she asked, "don't I keep you happy?".

Greg smiled, and admired his wife's lean yet endowed figure clad in a white silk blouse and black skirt, silently amazed at how she was just as supple and inviting at 28 as she had been as his bride of 21. "No, it's not that--I just think that considering how much we both enjoy sex, why not add the excitement of experiencing the pure physical pleasure with other people? I don't think it would take anything away from our relationship."
"Well, it does sound interesting. But every time I try to imagine it, I conjure up images of you with some young slut while I'm left with her fat under-endowed husband." Greg laughed. "Okay, I'll tell you what. How about we drop by the club that was listed as a "swingers" club, and you do the picking. If you don't see anyone interesting, we leave." Debi finished her drink, and nodded her head. "Okay, it's a deal, but don't be surprised if we only stay a couple of minutes." Greg smiled. "No problem," he said, "you want to leave, you just give me the sign and we'll be gone."

Debi's mind was racing as they walked from the car to the club entrance. "What am I getting myself into", she thought. Although she loved sex, other than Greg she had only had experience with two boys long ago in high school and both
encounters had been the quick and frantic lovemaking that
oftentimes characterizes young lust. Despite her fears, she was
amazed that just talking about swinging back at home had
moistened her cunt and got her wondering just what it would be
like to have another man fucking here there while her husband
watched. Of more concern to her, however, was the thought of
watching another woman being pleasured by Greg, and how she would handle the sight of "her" cock plunging in and out of another woman.

The club looked like any other club that they had been in, with the exception that there were very few singles.  Everywhere that Debi looked were couples, both at the bar and at all the tables. Greg guided her to a booth near the dance floor, and ordered drinks from the waitress that appeared as they sat down. "Okay, what do you think so far?" he asked, "Do you want to leave?". "Don't be silly" she replied, sipping her drink and
surveying the crowd, "nothing has happened yet. I'm reserving my judgement." Debi was surprised to see that the clientele of the bar was mainly composed of people in her and Greg's general age group, and judging from their dress, about the same income. Also surprising to her was the fact that most of the men were just as attractive as the women. Her eyes focused on one couple, consisting of a small, petite blond and a huge hulk of a man. "God", she thought, "he must be over 6'5" and she barely makes five feet. How do they do it?" As she looked them over, the blonde's eyes met Debi's, and then to Debi's surprised, the blonde girl's mouth softened and she gave a soft wink at Debbi. Then with a slow turn of her head, she looked Greg over and gave an almost imperceptible approving nod. Debbi broke contact and turned away embarrassed. "What's wrong?" Greg asked. "Nothing," Debbie replied. "How about another drink? I'm
empty." Greg, puzzled, signalled the waitress, and ordered two more drinks, noting to himself that his wife had already downed 2
and was getting ready for the 3rd. "Well", he thought, "at least if
nothing else, she'll be ready by the time we get home". He had found out early on in their marriage that alcohol was the closest thing to an aphrodisiac that you could give Debbi.

A small band started playing near the dance floor and a few couples started to dance. Their drinks arrived, but the waitress
waved away Greg's attempt to pay for them. "The drinks are from the couple at the table over there", the waitress explained as she nodded in the direction of the couple that Debbi had been examining earlier.  "Enjoy".
Almost on cue, as the waitress left, the man from the blonde's
table appeared. "Good evening" he greeted, flashing a smile at Greg as he boldly eyed Debbi. "I'm Barry, and that's my wife Laura over at our table."
Greg and Debbi introduced themselves, the men shaking hands and invited Barry and Laura to join their table. "Thanks, but we wouldn't want to impose on you, I just wanted to ask your wife to dance, with your permission", Barry explained. Greg eyed Barry warily before responding. "That is up to Debbi" he replied.
Debbi was momentarily stunned by the rapid turn of events, but
thought "what the hell, its only a dance". Grabbing her drink and
downing half of it in one shot, she offered her hand to Barry
and answered "Thank you, I would love to dance." Greg watched as Barry led Debbi to the dance floor and they started dancing to the soft music from the jazz trio.
Greg watched as the couple danced. At first, Barry's held Debbi
by the hand and waist, but as the couple continued, Greg noticed Barry's hand moving along his wife's side, lightly caressing her back, waist and the sweet juncture where hips and waist join.
Debbi had not realized until she got this close, just how big Barry was. Even though she was 5' 7" in stockings and three inches taller tonight in heels, her eyes were just level with Barry's sternum. But, she had to admit, he was a good dancer. She closed her eyes and moved with him, barely noticing his hand starting to move until in a turn his big hand slid further down and cupped her entire ass-cheek softly but firmly, briefly pulling her against his body as they danced.  Greg's eyes widened as he saw for the first time, another man caress his wife. "They make a good couple, don't they?" Greg turned, startled, and noticed that Laura had joined him at the table while he had studied the dance floor. Almost upsetting the table as he attempted to rise to introduce himself, Greg offered Laura a drink, and the two talked as they watched the dancers on the floor. Laura sipped at here drink and gave Greg and appraising look.  "I don't think I've seen you and Debbi in here before" she said. "This is our first time", Greg replied. We thought we would check the club out before we made any type of decisions, if you know what I mean." Greg shifted in his seat, attention now totally on the
cute blonde instead of the dancers. "Do you come here often?"
"No, only every once in a while. You see, although Barry and I
have a wonderful marriage, we're just not real compatible sexually, so we come here, for mutual satisfaction" Laura explained. Greg was both surprised at her candid explanation and intrigued at her answer. Plus, he was having a hard time concentrating on her face, as while she talked her skirt had ridden up until it was just covering her upper thighs, exposing finely shaped legs wrapped in silk stockings at topped with black lace garters. "I don't understand, " was the best statement he could offer. Laura picked an ice cube out of her drink and ran it slowly around her lips. "Well, you've probably noticed Barry and I are quite different in size." Greg nodded. "That 'difference' makes things quite difficult for me to accommodate him, so at home, we generally use other means to satisfy each other." Laura smiled, sipped her drink and with a sigh, continued. "We come here or call on other friends about once a week because, in essence, that is the only way we can enjoy sex in an..er conventional manner." Laura stopped for a second and leaned forward until her face was barely inches from Greg. "Do I shock you?" she asked. Greg felt his pulse quicken, and realized that he was so excited by her story that his whole body was vibrating. Steeling himself to remain cool, he returned her gaze, and quietly answered, "No, not at all".  "Good!" Laura replied as she slid closer to Greg and smoothly placed her small hand on Greg's thigh as she raised her drink with the other hand. "Then let's enjoy our drinks and keep our eyes on our 'better halves' she said as she gave Greg's thigh a squeeze. 

Out on the dance floor, Barry marvelled at the firmness of Debi's
body as they danced. Looking down at her mass of red hair, he tried to fantasize on if it matched what grew below, and  envisioned her creamy white body spread wide below his. Manoeuvring Debbi over to a dark corner of the dance floor, he rotated her away from the bar crowd and then, gripping her ass with both hands, completely covering it, he pulled her against his straining cock, and slowly gyrated to the music. Debbi knew that their dance floor actions were getting out of hand, but between the drinks and her fascination with the size of that rock-hard bulge Barry was rubbing her against, she couldn't help herself. Noticing that they were hidden from the crowd by dancers and in poor light and driven by curiosity, she slowly slid her right hand from around Barry to the front of his trousers, and gripped his cock through the material. "Good God, it's huge!" she thought to herself as she ran her hand up the length of his throbbing shaft. As she continued to stroke his cock, Barry let out a small groan and leaned down to whisper in Debbi's ear. "You better stop that, or we're both going to get really messy  he whispered. "By the way, we better get back to our table before our spouses get arrested", he stated with a nod towards the booth where Debi had left Greg what seemed a lifetime ago. Debbi put her hand back on Barry's side and turned to see Greg. Despite the poor lighting, Debbi's eyes widened as she could see that Laura had slid down a little in the booth with her skirt around her hips
and that Greg's hand was busy stroking between her slightly spread thighs. Debbi's anger flared, but then she remembered what had just taken place on the dance floor, and she cooled. Besides, Barry's big hand which was softly rubbing her ass felt pretty good.

As Greg spied Debbi and Barry returning to the table he quickly
sat up and lit a cigarette while Laura rearranged her skirt while giving her big husband a big smile. "I've got an idea", Laura said, "why don't we all go over to our house for a nightcap." Greg hesitated, looking to Debbi for an answer. Debbi, however, didn't hesitate. "Sounds great!" "We only live a couple of minutes from here, so why don't we all ride in our car?"

Greg and Debbi agreed, and the couples walked out to Barry's
car. Expecting Laura to get up front with her husband, Debbi was surprised when Laura jumped in the back instead, and said "I hate to ride in front. Debbi, why not sit with Barry so I can talk with Greggy." Debbi climbed in the car next to Barry, and they drove away. The car was just out of the parking lot, when Barry, checking his rear view mirror, smiled as he saw Laura, splayed on the back seat with legs spread wide, whispering to Greg as his hands explored Barry's wife's pussy outside her lace panties. Barry watched as Greg slipped a long finger inside the band of her panty crotch and Laura's sharp intake of breath signalled his digit had found a home. Stealing a glance at Debbi verified that she, too had noticed the goings on in the back seat, and seeing she looked troubled, Barry reached down and squeezed her hand,
looking in her eyes, trying to draw her attention away from the couple in the back seat.  Debbi was amazed at the curious mix of feelings she experienced as she watched her husband fingering Laura's cunt while he nuzzled her neck. In a way, she was mad at her husband for the obvious desire he felt for the little blonde, but at the same time, she had never had anything make her pussy as wet as it was getting while she watched the
groping couple in the back seat. Almost of it's own accord, her hand left Barry's, and moved to his crotch, as she eased down  the zipper of his trousers, and tugged his rapidly stiffening cock from its confinement. "My God!" she thought to herself as her hand struggled to close around the huge shaft. Debbi turned her head from watching her husband to get a look at Barry's cock. Now almost erect, His cock looked to be over 12 inches long and, as she continued to stroke it, she could no longer close her fingers all the way around the circumference of his meaty shaft. "This must be John Holmes brother" she thought. She thought of
sucking it, but there was no way that there was enough room for both her head and that cock between Barry and the steering wheel. So, she opted for jacking his cock up and down while turning back to watch as Laura had freed Greg's cock from his pants and was rubbing it as Greg continued to finger her hot slit.
Barry wheeled the car into the driveway and announced "We're here!" to the others to give them time to straighten up before getting out of the car.

Once in the house, some semblance of order returned, as both couples tried to figure out what to do next. "Barry, darling, why don't you and Debbi go on down to the lounge while I show the house off to Greg", Laura suggested. "Okay," Barry responded, as he finished handing out drinks to everyone, "but first, a toast to new friends!" he exclaimed as he took a healthy drink from his glass. The two couples clinked glasses, and once the toast was complete, Laura linked her arm through Greg's, and led him off towards the back of the house.  Barry looked at Debbi thoughtfully, admiring her full, red mane of hair and the inviting thrust of her breasts pushing against the thin silk blouse. "Come on," he invited, "I've got something I think you'll be interested to see". Debbi followed him down a hall and into a lushly furnished 
lounge room, complete with open fire and rug. "Oh, c'mon. Really. A bear skin rug?" Debbi exclaimed as she entered the room. "I thought they only had these in movies". "Try it out," Barry offered as he settled down on the rug and reached for the remote control for the big screen television across from the rug and fireplace hearth, "they really are comfortable". Debbi kicked off her heels and settled down beside Barry. "Okay," she answered, "what do you have to show me?" "Take a look" Barry replied, as he turned on the television, "do you want to watch?"
There, on the large screen, in living colour, were Greg and Laura! Barry fiddled with the control and the camera zoomed in to frame
Laura laying on the bed with her skirt pulled up and legs spread wide, perched on the edge with her ass almost hanging off the side of the bed and Greg kneeling on the floor in front of her busily licking her cunt, which she held open for him with the fingers of one hand, and fondling one small pert breast in her open blouse with the other. Debbi suddenly noticed she had stopped breathing, and took in a deep breath. Barry, not to miss an opportunity, slid behind the kneeling red head and reaching around, boldly cupped both breasts with his big hands, his fingers finding her budding nipples, which he rolled between thumb and forefinger until Debbi moaned softly. Debbi was still riveted to the screen, where Greg had stood up, and Laura had unfastened his trousers, and had his pretty cock in her mouth, which she was sucking greedily. While Debbi watched, Barry expertly unbuttoned her blouse and, moving in front, bared her heavy, freckled breasts and leaned down to take first one, and then the other rock-hard nipple between his lips. Surrendering to the sensations of pleasure from her breasts, Debbi fell back to the rug, and raised her hips to aid Barry pulling off her panties
over her stockings. Barry paused to marvel at Greg's wife, her red hair fanned out on the fur rug, with legs open, revealing her pink cunt rimmed with bright red hair that was silky as Barry toyed with it between his fingers.

Moving up beside Debbi, Barry took one breast in his mouth, as he
gently placed one finger at Debbi's cunt, swirling it around in the
moistness she was starting to flow before pushing the thick digit deep inside her willing hole. Debbi's hips arched involuntarily to meet his hand until the whole finger was buried deep inside. Barry withdrew the finger to toy with her clitoris, and under his adept ministrations, Debbi's body was soon wracked with a shuddering orgasm.  Barry stood, and quickly stripped off his pants, exposing his huge cock dangling between his legs. Consumed now with desire, Debbi raised up on her knees and, gripping his tool with both hands, was able to get the fist-sized knob in her sucking mouth, while she stroked the veined shaft with her hands. Feeling the great head start to expand in her mouth, she gave it one last lick, and decided she had to have that monster inside of her or die trying. "I want to fuck it, but I'm scared to have you on top" she explained to Barry, who willingly laid back on the
bearskin, gripping his horse-cock in one hand and gently stroking it.  Debbi straddled Barry's body, balancing, and with one hand, guided the blunt head to the opening of her sopping cunt. Now poised, Debbi started hunching on his staff, and gasped as
she got the head of his meat lodged full in her cunt. Stopping there for a moment, she waited as she felt her cunt stretch and adjust to his massive organ. "Uunnnnhh! Fuck! gawd but it's huge" she exclaimed, as she again pressed down to engulf another couple of inches in her aching cunt.
Barry looked up at the gorgeous woman, and greedily ogled her
swaying breasts and the sight of his cock half-buried in her pink
snatch. Each time Debbi raised up, her labia folded out to his sight and then disappeared as she fucked down on his throbbing meat. She wasn't as tight as Laura was (when he could get her to take his huge cock) but her cunt spasmed and spasmed in a way he had never experienced before. Meanwhile, with determination, Debbi was succeeding in her task. Raising once more until the end of his cock was visible, she sank forcefully again on his cock, descending until her silky cunt-hairs twined with the coarse black hair around his cock. Debbi was full of
cock, fuller than she thought possible. She would have sworn she could fell his cock hitting her stomach as she gyrated her hips to move his cock deep inside her little pussy. "Okay, big boy, now I want you to fuck me" she said, hardly believing her own words, as she fell back, and Barry rolled forward and towered over her. With slow, powerful strokes, he began pumping his meat into her, and was amazed when she placed her slim ankles on his shoulders to open her willing cunt more to his pounding
cock. "Yes, oh Yes, oh fuck, fuck, fuck me, FUCK ME!" Debbi cried as Barry continued his relentless pounding of her snatch.
Turning her head to the side, Debbi caught sight of the
television, where she could see Laura standing bent over the bed in their bedroom, while Greg, behind her, gripped her tight ass with both hands while he rammed his cock in and out of the little blonde. The sight brought Debbi to yet another climax, flooding Barry's cock with her juices, lubricating his pistoning cock as it fucked in and out of her pussy.
Barry, ecstatic to have his cock buried in a woman without the
whimpering he got when he tried to fuck his wife, grabbed Debi's ankles and held them wide, as he continued his frantic lunges to bury even more cock in Debbi's willing cunt. Soon he felt his come boiling up from his balls.
Debbi almost fainted as she felt the huge head of Barry's cock
swell, and fucked her hips up wildly tossing her head as the thick, heavy cream sprayed from his cock and splashed against her cervix. "Oh fuck! I'm commmmming again" she cried, freeing her legs to wrap around his powerful body as it spasmed its load deep inside her pussy. Barry's body relaxed, and he rolled with her to his side. Debbi reached down between their bodies and looked with wonder at the shaft that was still half buried within her. "I may not walk right for a week", she thought, "but I still may do it again". She eased away from Barry, and sighed as his dick slid from her greedy cunt and come oozed from between her swollen labia. "Hey, look at the TV!" Barry shouted, and turning her head, Debbi looked at the television, where Greg and Laura were clapping their hands as they watched, as Debbi was just figuring out, a television monitor of the den. Scanning the room, Debbi soon found the camera that had been focused on their escapades, and silently wondered how Greg had felt watching her fuck Barry's monstrous cock with such abandon. "Oh well, it
was his idea" she rationalized, as she and Barry waved back at the other couple.

Both couples dressed, chatted over glasses of brandy, and
exchanged phone numbers with promises to get together again.
Once back to their own car, Greg and Debbi drove towards their
house in near total silence for most of the trip. Finally, Debbi could not contain herself any longer. "Well," she asked, "was it everything you hoped it would be?"

Greg smiled and reached over to pull his wife closer to him as
he drove. "You know, I don't think I ever really appreciated just how sexy of a woman you were until I saw you up there on that screen. It made me feel special to know that sexy woman was mine. But what about you? Do you ever want to do it again?"
Debbi thought for a while, then replied. "I don't know." Then,
smiling, she reached down to gently cup his cock and balls through his trousers. "It just might depend on whether or not I get my pussy licked when we get home."  "Deal!" Greg agreed, and they continued on to their next adventure.

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