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Rediscovering a Friend By Unknown
It was a Wednesday night and for more than a week I had been planning to meet with an old high school friend and his wife for dinner. I had seen my friend several times in the last year since he moved back to Los Angeles but had met his wife only once. I would really have preferred to meet with him alone, maybe for a drink or two after work. But it was their invitation to go out to dinner and I agreed with only superficial interest. I met them on time at a small restaurant on Sunset Boulevard and there was only a short wait to get a booth. I had forgotten how pretty his wife was; and had also previously overlooked the masculine attractiveness of my friend. As we stood at the bar I surreptitiously surveyed his body, wondering why I had not before appreciated his physical appearance in the years that I had known him. Tonight he was dressed in loose white pants that became tight around his ass and waist. He wore a contrasting dark blue shirt with short sleeves rolled up to expose his well developed biceps. He had two buttons open at the neck and a mesh of dark blond hair from his chest protruded, overlapping slightly to the front of his shirt. Once we were seated at our booth, the conversation turned from old times to the current. He had been married five years and they had just moved into a new luxury apartment in the Hollywood Hills, not too far from the restaurant. Although they had always planned to have children they had been putting it off for reasons that weren't discussed. I continued to observe my friend and couldn't understand why I had not been physically attracted to him in the past. He noticed the special attention I was directing toward him and occasionally would smile at me, a beautiful smile with bright eyes and white teeth. His beautiful tan seemed to glow in the subdued light in the restaurant. When the conversation turned to me, I suddenly found myself privately embarrassed because I had really not been paying attention while they were talking. Finally I gave a brief synopsis of my current job and congratulated them on their new apartment. The conversation lapsed while I struggled for something more to say. I suddenly felt like a stranger in the midst of this couple and searched my mind for something relevant to offer about my life. We ordered more cocktails. After a brief period of thought I decided I would reveal to them that I was gay; more as an exchange of information about me than as an act of coming out. And, after all, we were nowadays just casual friends and if it didn't sit well with them the situation would not be too uncomfortable. They seemed to sense that I had more to say and I privately rehearsed in my mind how I would open the subject. Finally, I simply said that I had something I wanted to tell them that might or might not be a surprise. And I did tell them...and added that this was not a new feature about me but that I had been gay my whole life, even years ago when my friend and I were constantly together. They nodded, almost in unison, but I couldn't tell from their expressions what was really in their minds. I figured they would talk more about it with each other after we parted. The subject changed and shortly thereafter our dinners arrived. We spoke very little while we ate and I wondered if I had done the right thing by telling them about the "real me." Would this be the last time I was to see my friend? Were they anxious to finish dinner and be gone? I didn't know, but somehow I wanted to talk a little more to find out what they were really thinking. So I suggested that we have after dinner drinks. They glanced at each other a moment. It was a very long moment for me and I again felt like a stranger in their presence. My friend said no to the drinks but then paused and asked if I would like to come and see their new apartment... that it wasn't far away and they would enjoy having me see it. I quickly accepted, still wanting to discover how my "secret" had impacted them... As we left the restaurant, I again asked myself how I could have overlooked the gorgeous features of my friend. Had he changed in the years since we were close? Or had I changed in my view of him? I could understand how he found such a beautiful wife. Little did he know that it was his beauty that attracted me! We got in our separate cars and wound through the hills until reaching a dead end. We parked and walked into their dark apartment. They turned on some low lights and music and opened the curtains which revealed a breath taking view of the city. I was offered a drink and accepted. We sat on a low curved sofa, the two of them together at one end, me at the other. I search for ways to re open the conversation that was left dangling at the restaurant. We sipped our drinks and they promised to show me around their apartment after we finished. It was a beautiful split-level design and his wife had decorated it beautifully. I was a little jealous. My friend talked for a moment about how he and his wife had liked the dinner. Then suddenly changed the conversation to a theme I couldn't figure out at first. He talked about how their marriage had changed in recent years. And that they were both still very much in love but also how they had developed a new degree of honesty in their relationship. There was a pause. And he added that they both had become interested in exploring new sexual interests. In particular, his wife had wanted a three way experience involving himself and another man. But they had never done it. I glanced at his wife and she smiled prettily, appearing to have no discomfort with the conversation. I glanced back to my friend and he appeared a little nervous with having divulged the secret. He twisted his drink in his hand and looked at me expectantly. I was nervous too and wondered if this was an approach to me or just an exchange of confidential information as I had done at dinner. I was aroused by the conversation and searched for a comment that would lead the conversation to a proposal. But his wife was next to speak. She spoke quietly but directly to me. She said that maybe it would be a one-time experience but that she wanted to live her fantasy, at least once. She asked if I would like to join them in the experience? I looked at them both as they awaited my answer. Then without hesitation I said yes. None of us spoke or moved for a minute or two. Then, without warning, his wife offered to conduct the promised tour of the apartment. We walked slowly from room-to-room carrying our drinks with us. The apartment was beautiful. The bedroom was the last room we arrived in and she opened the curtains revealing the same striking view of the city. The city lights placed a glow throughout the room. In the center was a kingsize bed with a rich-looking spread. We moved away from the window together and stopped midway to the door. His wife put her hand on my side and as i turned to look at her she moved close to me and kissed my gently on the lips. I struggled to appear unaffected and when it was over I turned to look at my friend. His beautiful smile was beaming at me though I couldn't tell whether he was happy for his wife or happy about what was happening. As i turned back his wife sat down on the bed and began to undress. We both just stood and watched her delicately and purposely remove her clothes in our presence. I glanced again at my friend and his smile had been replaced with a mischievous look on his face. She undressed completely and revealed a beautiful body completely tanned with a rich brown hue. She lifted herself onto the bed and laid back with her head on the giant pillows. My friend and I stood still in our places. I wasn't sure if i should make the next move or should I wait for him initiate it? I decided to act. Facing my friend I slowly began to unbutton my shirt and pulled the shirttail from my pants. I removed it and placed it carefully on a chair. I then reached down and pulled each of my shoes off removing my socks and placed them under the chair. As I stood with only my pants, I saw my friend's hardon showing through his bright white pants. He still stood motionless...his beautiful outline silhouetted by the city lights from the window. I was a little afraid but I moved closer to him and reached up touching his shoulder. I then moved my hand to the top button on his shirt and slowly undid it. He smiled slightly at me but didn't otherwise move. I unbuttoned the rest of the shirt and pulled the tails from his pants. The soft blond fur on his chest glistened in the subdued light. I turned back to face his wife on the bed and she lay motionless but with her eyes fixed on the two of us and a peaceful, gentle, smile on her face. Figuring we were all committed at this point, i made no hesitation and unbuckled my pants; removing my briefs in one motion as I pulled them over my feet. As I turned back to my friend he was now unbuckling his pants and removed his shoes and pants as I had done. Now we were all naked in the dimly lit room. Feeling courageous, I reached to my friend and softly ran my fingers through the golden fleece on his chest. Why had I not noticed his beauty before? His hardon projected proudly from his waist and his well tanned body was firm and solid. His ass curved beautifully as he stood up straight with his arms at his sides. With two hands I ran my fingers down his body pausing briefly at his waist. Bending my knees I continued with my hands down over the hard muscles on his legs. His giant hardon pulsed as his heart beat strongly with excitement. I placed my knees on the floor, his groin only inches in front of my face. A fleeting thought made me want to glance upward to confirm approval but I stared straight ahead. My back was now toward his wife but I was sure her eyes were fixed on the two of us. I leaned forward and slowly moved toward the giant cock that was just inches in front of my face. But I moved past it, the cock smoothly sliding against the left cheek, and gently pushed my face into the deep fur that surrounded it. I inhaled deeply of the uniquely masculine scent that emanated from his pubic hair. He didn't move. With my hands I reached behind him, caressing his ass, and pulled him forcefully against my face. My lips parted and with my tongue I began to explore the base of the hard shaft that throbbed against my face. Licking slowly and carefully at first, I soon began to explore downward to his large balls...licking with purpose and intent now. He thrust his hips forward every so slightly and I crouched a little to get underneath his balls to lick them completely. I continued until every spot on his globes had been thoroughly absorbed by my tongue. His hips continued to move further forward as he was impacted by the intense attention I was giving him. I had lost all thought about his wife on the bed. As I worked faster and faster his giant dick began to swell with urgency. I licked along the underside of his cock, getting ever so close to the engorged head that slid against my face. My tongue made circular motions around the hard shaft that was before me, now thrust far forward by the eager recipient of the act. Reaching up with my right hand, and still holding him against me with my left hand behind him on his ass, I opened my mouth and took his huge member into it...breathing deeply of the strong smell of sex that exuded from his body. I could tell he was close to shooting in my mouth so I slowed my actions to preserve that moment for later. But he suddenly changed moods and put both hands on my head, gently and slowly moving me away from him. I looked up, still on my knees, and he was transfixed on his wife, still lying naked on the bed. Now moving, he took two steps toward her and got onto the bed. With the same motion he lay partially on top of her, kissing her deeply as their bodies contacted. I got to my feet and stood motionless watching them. With his hand his fondled her tits as they continued to kiss. I don't know how long it was but after a while he moved his beautiful legs to straddle her body. Leaning forward he guided his cock into her pussy and paused as she reached for breath with the giant dick inside her. Ever so slowly he began a rhythmic motion thrusting his cock inside her pussy. She brought her knees up to deepen the experience, their arms wrapped around each other as they fucked. The city light coming from the window made the soft carpet of fur on his body glow as if an aura surrounded him...his round ass moving up and down in synchronous with his thrusts deep into her body. once again, i felt like a stranger, a voyeur, alone in the presence of this couple lost into sex. But this was a "three-way" yet to be experienced. I watched. Wishing his huge cock was penetrating me instead of his beautiful wife. His strong body pulsated with motion as he fucked her with greater and greater intensity continuing to experience the lust as they spread their legs wide very wide apart, together, keeping them totally in contact. Their arms reached out together, fingers entwined, and they laid together maximally extended, still pushing in rhythm to each other. I had never had sex with a girl but watching them made me want to somehow be a part of it. And my friend's beautiful body was spread openly before experience I had never thought of seeing and now it was just an arms reach away. I wondered if they had forgotten my presence, lost in their ecstasy. I had no concept of time...I was just there and they were just there...he was there! But this was going to be a three way. Should I join them in some way? Should I quietly sneak out of the house so they wouldn't be bothered with me? I wasn't sure what I should do next. Did they just want me to watch as they became more and more involved in their sex? Would they pause and invite me to join them? My heart pounded inside my chest and my hardon strained for relief. I had to do something! I moved toward the bed, watching their entwined bodies move in concert. Cautiously, I got on the bed on two knees, positioning myself between their widespread legs. Reaching forward I placed both my hands on the legs of my friend. His leg muscles were tight with his effort as he fucked his wife rhythmically. Slowly I massaged his legs, his blond hair running between my fingers. I watched carefully, expecting them to hesitate at this intrusion into their act. But they continued with constant motion. I moved my hands up to my friend's ass, cuddling his firm buns. My hands and body began to join their rhythm. The sweet smell of sex pervaded the scene and my friend's body was warm and misted with a light layer of sweat. As he fucked her I fondled his ass, squeezing in synchronous with his thrusts into her body. My two thumbs extended into his crack, separating his buns each time he thrust into his wife. I felt invisible as they made no notice of my increasing participation. His beautiful round ass consumed my attention with his soft blond fur extending from his legs into his crack. I could see his large dick disappearing into her pussy each time impelled his body against her. The pace was gradually increasing and the intensity of their act accelerated. I wanted to be closer to their ecstasy. Still between their legs, I bent forward on my knees, my face approaching his gorgeous ass. Now lying on my stomach my face descended to his crack, his vibrating buttocks moving up and down just an inch before my face. I moved even closer, feeling the soft hair of his crack against by cheeks. Instinctively, I extended my tongue and reached into his crack as it moved forcefully and gently while he fucked. His salty sweat invaded my mouth and the smell of his groin excited me. Carefully I licked his curved buns along the full extent of his crack, driving my tongue deeper into his crack with each movement. My hands spread his ass wider as I licked and quickly I found his tight asshole with my two probing thumbs. His balls periodically contacted my chin as I licked deeper into his sweet ass, massaging his asshole with my warm tongue while I opened it gently with my two thumbs. I pulled my body even closer to the couple, my face now buried deep into my friend's ass. As they continued fucking I began to lick down to the region between his asshole and balls. His masculine scent made me want even more of his firm body and I took his balls into my mouth, my lips brushing against her pussy as his cock probed deep inside her. As I sucked on his globes his ass rose higher into the air, inviting me into their sex act. The fur between his legs surrounded my face, brushing my cheeks as he continued fucking. The pace quickened and he begin thrusting with ever increasing stroke, his giant cock head escaped her pussy ever so slightly as he forced his rod in and out of her body. I wanted even more and began licking his shaft as it appeared from here body with each stroke and my face was wedged between them as he drove his body against her with each push. With my tongue I joined him while he penetrated her, licking her pussy lips while his cock invaded her body, his balls slapping my face as I savored his shaft with my mouth. My tongue extended into her pussy and she squeezed it as his cock continued to drive deep inside her, my tongue drug deeper into her as he fucked. The musk from his body pervaded by senses as together we intruded into her body, his cock and my tongue pushing together as she tightened her pussy around the two of us. With my left hand I continued to probe his asshole, now lubricated by the spit exuded from my licking. His body was arched giving me full access into their sex and his legs closed around my face, urging me for more. His cock was engorged with his excitement and he pushed harder and harder against the two of us. His cockhead swelled as it withdrew on each stroke. Without warning his cum shot out covering my face and tongue with sweet warm fluid. She squeezed violently as the hot jism exploded and I sucked to consume the slippery expulsion. He stopped, withdrawing his cock, and I took it into my mouth as his final squirts shot into my throat. He was breathing heavily and I sucked intently as his body rose above her. He fucked my mouth as I lay with my head against her pussy, my hands cupping his ass and pulling him hard against my face, trapped between their two bodies. My friend rose to his knees, panting silently from his workout. Before my face hung the huge cock and balls that had just shot thick, creamy cum into my mouth. As he moved away from me I licked the last drops of his manhood from my lips, holding it on my tongue to savor the taste. He was exhausted and moved to the other side of the bed, lying on his back as he breathed heavily. I sat up and moved away from his wife, turning to sit opposite with her, my legs extending toward her. Resting for a moment, I surveyed her body noting it's smooth beauty. My cock was still erect and stood straight up like a flagpole as I sat facing her. She looked at me with the same calm smile on her face she had before. With one quiet motion, she rose and got to her knees on the bed, sitting just in front of me. She maneuvered her body forward, standing on her knees directly over my hard cock. I wondered if this was about to be my first experience fucking a woman. My mind flashed back to my friend's had cock driving it's way into her pussy with neverending thrusts. Could I do it too? She reached down with her two hands and caressed my cock, smoothing the pre-cum over the head with her soft fingers. My dick throbbed with excitement and she lowered her body, massaging her pussy lips with the head of my cock, tantalizing me. I thought I might cum right there and I clenched my muscles to hold it back. Her body descended slowly and I saw the head of my cock disappear into her pussy, her body warmth suddenly flowing into me as it penetrated. My cock slid easily into her, with her pussy still lubricated by my friend's slippery cum from his orgasm just moments before. She continued descending, my cock now fully inserted into her pussy, her muscles tightened around it as she began a rhythmic motion moving her body up and down, my cock sliding along her canal while firmly gripped by her pussy muscles. It was an experience I had not prepared for...was sex with a woman really this simple? My friend was silent on the other side of the bed, watching without expression as his wife pursued this new man on their bed. I could feel my cockhead expanding as she worked up and down in her private experience of sex with another man. She looked directly into my eyes, still smiling as she fucked...her smooth ass contacting my legs on each downstroke. I laid back slowly as she sat over my body, sucking my dick into her with firm muscle squeezed each time she moved up and down. Her tits vibrated as she worked her body muscles in pace with her fucking. I glanced back to my friend. He was watching intently, with the mischievous smile I had seen once before on his face. His cock was erect again and he j/o'd slowly as his wife rode my dick. A sudden impulse hit him and he got to his knees, moving behind his wife while she fucked. He straddled my legs just behind her, his big cock moving between her ass crack as she continued fucking my dick with constant motion. He reached around her with both arms and embraced her stomach from behind her, pulling himself against her. I could feel the head of his cock probing against my balls as he pushed in synchronous with her motions. Ever so slowly, I felt him forcing his cock into her pussy to join mine in the warm cave. She slowed her pace, taking deep breaths as she leaned slightly forward to admit the second cock into her. I felt my friend's dick enter and slide tightly along mine as it probed into his wife. The smile was gone from her face now, replaced with a serious, nearly desperate, expression. Once again she began her up and down rhythm, now slower as the two cocks extended their full length into her. From my vantage point I could see both dicks, engulfed by her pussy, sliding in and out their full lengths as she was fucked by both of us. Her pussy muscles squeezed tighter and tighter on the two of us. My dick was hard as a rock, sliding together with my friend's. I looked at them both and recognized the climax that was just seconds away. I thrust my hips upward, forcing my cock deep into her and hard against my friend's dick as we both shot cum loads inside her pussy. The sudden slippery expulsion inside her caused her pussy to grab both our dicks firmly. She whimpered quietly as her orgasm followed, riding our dicks with a driving need, forcing our cocks as deeply into her as possible. We stopped together, out of breath, my friend releasing his hold on her body. Slowly she rose, cautiously allowing our cocks to withdraw from her in unison. She leaned back against the large pillows, panting slightly from the experience. Her knees raised and I could see our combined cum oozing slightly from her pussy, surrounded by her dark pubic hair. My friend moved around and quickly buried his face in her crotch, licking our cum from her pussy as she wrapped her legs around his head. He worked intently, his tongue darting into the pussy where our two cocks had worked. He was on his knees, his ass just before my face. I reached forward with my tongue and licked his crack while he suck our cum out of her pussy. His masculine scent pervaded my nose and my tongue shot deep into his ass, rimming his hole while he ate his wife's cunt. The action slowed, then stopped. My friend lifted himself free from the grip of his wife's legs. He sat up on his knees, looked at me with a smile. His wife rested peacefully on the pillows, her eyes closed. "Would you like another drink?" he asked. I nodded, rising up from where I was lying. Our two cocks softened as we got off the bed. From the bathroom he threw me a towel which I wrapped around myself and we headed for the living room. His round ass was outlined by his towel as he walked ahead of me and I once again licked my lips, remembering the rim job I had just given him. I sat at one end of the large sofa while he made drinks in the kitchen. As he returned to the living room, I expected my friend to sit opposite me at the other end of the sofa, but instead he sat down next to me. He smiled slightly as he began to speak. "My wife has been wanting something like this for a long time" he said. "It's really her thing but I guess I don't mind as long as she's getting what she wants." I could tell the mood had changed. My friend had returned to his normal macho role and I suspected he felt a little strange entertaining me after the experience we had just had. I figured I would finish my drink and call it a night, leaving him to resolve the matter alone. I didn't speak but continued to survey his body, wondering how I could have overlooked his masculine beauty until now. His body was tan and a blond fur that covered him was still damp from the workout we had just experienced. He sat quietly next to me, leaning forward on the sofa, deep in thought. I repositioned my self, leaning back and placing my arm along the back of the sofa behind him but not contacting his body. He made no movement, appearing not to notice my advance. Quietly he began to speak again. He explained that for a year or more his wife had urged him to experiment sexually. But this was the first time they had ever involved another person in their private sex. He glanced at me, looking for a response from my eyes. I smiled and his eyes lit up, accepting my tacit approval. His smile was beautiful on his boyish face with his blond bangs loosely draped on his forehead. I decided I would not drink too fast, wanting to linger while I discovered this new aspect of my friend. He moved slightly as we sat, leaning back against my arm, releasing his tension, the blond hair on his leg brushing against mine as if by accident. His eyes were closed as we sat resting in the dimly lit room. He was beautiful, peaceful, lost in his thoughts, the warmth from his body radiating to me as we sat together. I wanted more of him but didn't know how much he would accept. He now knew I was gay, and was seemingly unaffected by the knowledge. After all, he could have sat at the other end of the sofa as he had done with his wife before. Did he want more of me too? I had to find out. I moved my arm forward placing it gently around him, my hand resting on the soft fur of his chest. He didn't move, keeping his eyes closed. Cautiously I reached around his waist with my other arm while I leaned close against him. I watched him carefully for any sign of reluctance. There was none. I tightened my arms around him, and kissed him softly on the neck. He didn't move. Wanting more, I placed my lips on his sucking lightly with genuine affection for him. His mouth opened slightly, and I extended the kiss, probing into his mouth with my tongue. After several seconds, he turned his body toward me, still gripped by my arms. He embraced me as I held him, the kiss deepening. Together we moved to lay on the sofa, my body half overlaying his as we sank into the soft fabric. I held him tightly, playing with his tongue as we embraced each other, alone in the room. He tasted wonderful as he gradually met my intensity as we kissed, as if releasing himself to newly discovered desires. Our bodies were locked together, hugging with a force he could never exert on his wife. My hand played with his soft blond hair as we hugged, touching his ear while i lapped his saliva into my mouth with my tongue. He made no attempt to resist, passively accepting my increasing advance. I lifted myself slightly and moved downward on his body, my lips kissing the blond hair on his chest, my tongue consuming the sweat generated by our embrace. He laid back. I explored his body with my lips. I moved systematically back and forth across his chest with my mouth, kissing and nibbling as I continued. As I reached his tits, I massaged them forcefully with my tongue, as if french kissing these firm nibs on his chest. I moved to his arm pits which were wet and smelled pungent from the night's activities. Gently I licked the sweet, masculine dampness they exuded as his arms lifted high granting me the privilege. Through the towel he was wearing I could feel his hard cock pressing against me; my own rubbing against him purposely. I lifted myself to my knees, watching his face for any sign of discomfort. He remained with his eyes closed, arms open, as he lay on the sofa. It would have to be his choice to stop for I was committed at this point; to experience him, to love him. I opened the towel around his waist, exposing the swollen cock that was straining to get free. It sprung upward as I released it from the hold of the towel, curving slightly as it slapped against his stomach, his balls pulled tight up against the base. Grasping it with my hand, I placed my mouth over the head of his giant rod, instinctively sucking the mushroom-shaped flesh. As I took it deeper into my mouth, he placed his two hands on my head, his fingers deep in my hair, gently pushing my mouth down on his hard cock. He gripped my head firmly and began manually moving it up and down, as if he wanted to j/o by maneuvering my head as my mouth surrounded his cock. His passive mood had evaporated as he now fucked my mouth, controlling my head with his hands and thrusting his hips upward on each stroke. His cock was deep in my throat and my nose buried itself into his pubic hair each time he thrust his dick farther into my mouth. As he worked, i clenched his balls in my hand, squeezing as I massaged them, tightly pulling at them. He moaned loudly as his cum shot down my throat. My hand could feel his balls relinquishing their treasure as his creamy fluid gushed in my mouth. It was sweet and hot...purposely I resisted the urge to swallow it, wanting to hold the prized reward expelled from my friend's beautiful body. It was mine and I savored it lustfully as his motions slowed to a stop. I sat up quickly, grasping his cock in my hand. I ran my thumb and fingers tightly up from the base forcing one last spurt to escape from the mushroom head. I leaned over and lapped it up with my tongue as I swallowed the load he had just deposited in my mouth. He was gorgeous! For a minute we didn't move. Catching our breath and reflecting on our act. He smiled at me and I returned the attention as we both sat up, reaching for our drinks. We sat silent for a moment, then he exclaimed "My wife bought a dildo the other day, we've used it a couple of times." "She even wanted to use it on me but I wouldn't let her!" But that's for another story; Right ? THE END
What a fucking hot story!

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