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Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes replies to frequently asked questions which will answer many of your questions.

Q: We're interested but not sure where to start??
A: Most people are unsure and nervous to start with! It is part of the fun!  Take your time and read through the various articles and stories to get an idea of what part of the lifestyle you like.  Importantly, discuss with your partner what you want and don't want out of the lifestyle.  Consider the many situations that might arise and agree on how each other should react, then decide how you will find suitable partners.

Q: We don't know 'where' to start looking for swingers? 
Basically your alternatives are:  

*Be wary of 'singles' web sites claiming to cater to 'couples and swingers'.  Couples rarely advertise on these sites.  How to tell?... look for exaggerated numbers of members and 'Now Online' or join only dedicated 'swingers' clubs.

Q: Why are some Online Clubs free?
A: Well, are they free?  Sites offering free membership are usually restricted to just 'looking' at adverts.  You'll have to pay to actually 'contact' another member. 

Clubs offering unrestricted free access are either new (with few members or no 'real' members) or have no visitors meaning no-one will ever see your advert.

Vixen Swingers has been part of the Australian swinging community for over 10 years with the webs longest running online club dedicated to the lifestyle. 

More on Membership Information.

Vixen Swingers 

Q: I placed an advert on Vixen and can't see it?
A:  We display a small selection of Personal Adverts in the free access area as examples of the entire collection in the largest online swinging club in Australia  More..

Q: How do I change or delete an advert?
A: Use the Personal Advert Update form here

Q: I cannot remember my login details?
A:  Lost login details click here & follow the instructions!

Q: We want to put a photo with our advert?
A: Photographs can be sent by email attachment (here) or good old snail-mail (here). 

Q: Would you publish our pictures?
A: Yes we publish Readers Pics that are usually a set of photographs with a story.  Photograph/s files can be sent by email attachment (here) or by post (here)  Please include the  background story to accompany the pics. 

Q: How do I remove my Email from the Mailing List?
A: Simple... Click here and enter your email address!

Hotmail Account Users

From time to time we receive reports that the Vixen Message Centre (replies to adverts) is not working!   Members have tested the system by sending messages to their own adverts but not receiving them.

Every complaint used a Hotmail email address, and eventually found the replies in the "Junk Mail" folder.

Another point worth mentioning..
Advert replies often include photographs anywhere between 40KB - 105KB so please ensure that you have enough storage space in your email account to receive an email of that size.

Hotmail Accounts users check your Junk Mail folders.  

Another solution is to use a Yahoo Account.  They offer 'free' email accounts with 4Mb of storage space (double Hotmail) plus many other benefits.

Yahoo Get your free Yahoo Email Account... 

When you have your new Yahoo Address and made sure it works, update your advert address here 

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