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Foreplay - May


For a couple trying swinging for the first time, the whole process can appear quite daunting. Firstly, there’s the decision as to how to go about meeting their potential playmates. Is it better to try magazines or websites, or does the face-to-face option of swinger’s parties or events hold more appeal? And then there’s the reality that not only does each partner want to meet someone who turns them on, but they also often want to have a right of veto over the person their own partner chooses. This latter situation is one of the most common reasons why couples find it so difficult to meet the ‘perfect’ couple for them, and explains why some couples choose to go it alone in their search for a playmate, rather than trying to do it as a couple. Thankfully though, in most countries in the western world, that’s about the worst problem you’ll strike, although some parts of North America have been a little backward in this area. Until 2006, swinger’s clubs were actually illegal in Canada, and there are some States in the USA which try to restrict the scope of the swinging scene in general, and sex lives in particular. I’ll bet most of you didn’t know that in the State of Alabama it’s illegal to sell vibrators under a law which bans the distribution of “any device designed or marketed as useful primarily for the stimulation of human genital organs”. Yep, you’re allowed to buy a gun in Alabama but don’t even try to get your rocks off with a battery powered device. All of this pales into insignificance though, compared to the daunting situation which faces people trying to get involved in swinging in places like the Middle East. Recently, a couple in Egypt were jailed after having been accused of organising ‘wife swap’ parties. Extra-marital sex is illegal in Egypt, where the constitution says Islamic law is the main source of legislation. The pair were arrested in October 2008 on prostitution charges after they posted adverts on the internet for couples interested in sex parties. A long-standing law in Egypt allows people to be prosecuted for prostitution for having extra-marital sex even if no money changes hands. According to the court, the couple used the aliases Magdy and Samira to organise wife-swapping parties and orgies and admitted having sex with three other couples. According to Egyptian press reports at the time of their arrest, the pair interviewed around 44 couples, usually at coffee shops in central Cairo, before swapping partners. They were said to have turned down more than 40 couples because they were not officially married, causing concern that they would not guarantee confidentiality. It appears that one of the couples they turned down then cracked the shits with them, and dobbed them in to the police. The man, a 48-year-old civil servant, was given seven years, and his 37-year-old schoolteacher wife got three years, with the judge describing the case as one of the worst crimes committed!! On a somewhat lighter note, there are problems in another part of the sex industry as well. It seems that an alarming number of female porn stars are now out of work. Porn stars were once known (and envied) for leading carefree lives of relative sloth, whilst engaging in freaky sex. What’s more, they were actually compensated very, very well for the privilege of having mind-blowing sex on a global stage. But now the dismal state of the US economy has resulted in porn pay rates dropping dramatically, and several production companies are shutting up shop or limiting their production schedules (the huge Vivid company has no plans to film any new material in 2009). Girls accustomed to getting $1000 a day are now scrambling to perform acts of point-of-view perversion for next to nothing, which doesn’t pay too many bills. As a result, many seasoned performers are in desperate search of more profitable avenues of work. There is an alternative, of course- the world’s oldest profession. But whilst it is very true that many adult performers ‘work’ on the side, many others consider this an unbreakable taboo. Porn stars are not whores by default. With nowhere else to turn, some girls are biting the bullet and heading back into the real world to seek their fortunes. So, if you visit the USA this year, and see a familiar-looking girl behind the counter at McDonalds, you may think you recognise her from a poster campaign, or TV ad. Then again, she may just be the girl who looked into your eyes from your 50” plasma screen the last time bodily fluids erupted from you.


Ed - 1/5/2009



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