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Foreplay - October


Most of you reading this will know that the digital technology advancements of the last 25-30 years have completely changed the way we use all our media, and this particularly applies to media that can be used for sexual entertainment. For the media companies it’s been a mixed blessing. On the one hand, they can get their products out to the market more quickly than they used to, while on the other hand digital media is extremely easy to copy. Companies ranging from DVD producers to Pay-TV businesses have spent a small fortune trying to stop people copying their products or accessing them for free, with varying degrees of success. For instance, a 6 year old trained monkey can copy a DVD movie. Despite these factors, digital media, including that supplied by computers, is here to stay. One of the consequences of this plethora of digital media, is the fact that you need to have some way to view it. In the world of the Internet, this led to the development of web browsers, and the war between the various browser companies that raged from the mid 1990s up until the early part of this decade. At that time the Evil Empire (also known as Microsoft) slew the Federation of other browsers (sorry about all these Star War’s analogies) and took over the Universe….or so we thought, because last month, over the horizon, the Starship Google decided to unleash their brand new browser, and it’s not a bad little weapon either. One of the things that people with an advanced interest in sex have always had to be careful of is the fact that your web surfing history is automatically recorded by Internet Explorer or Firefox, or whatever browser you currently use. It’s not a problem if you work for yourself, or live in a household where everyone already knows your dirty little secrets, but it can be a little embarrassing if your boss or your 14 year old son discovers you’ve been trawling sites with names such as “”. Google’s browser goes by the name of ‘Chrome’ and it includes new private browsing features that people in the industry are affectionately naming ‘Porn Mode’, as it gives users the ability to view adult sites, or indeed any sites, without leaving any evidence on the computer you used. In practice, it’s really aimed at home users as your boss will still be able to set up programs that allow his office servers to see what you’re looking at, but most peoples worries about their web surfing history relate to their family environment anyway. As well as not wanting your son to see what turns you on, your other major concern may be to make sure that your spouse doesn’t know that you’re advertising for sex partners on the side. Of course, some people don’t care who knows what about their internet activities, and this can lead to other problems. The digital revolution has long since arrived at an airport near you, and many airlines now offer wireless internet access while you’re flying. As a consequence, there have been reports of some cabin crew getting into arguments with passengers who are checking out porn sites or movies clips in-flight on their notebooks. Sometimes it’s the cabin crew not happy about it while at other times it’s fellow passengers, although I’m betting if the other passenger is that 14 year old boy I mentioned earlier, he won’t have a problem with it at all. In short, the digital revolution has made life much easier for those perverted souls amongst us, and it’s only going to get better.


Ed - 1/10/2008



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