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Foreplay - September


Since swinging made its first appearance in the 1950s, many of its facets have remained largely unchanged. Couples began doing it so that they could have sexual variety with other open-minded people without causing problems to their relationship with their spouse. Occasional problems with jealousy and insecurity that rear their head in 2008 were just as common fifty years ago when your grandparents might have been happily screwing their next door neighbours (now there’s something I bet you’ve never considered before). So too was the fact that most couples, right from the very early days, didn’t contemplate entering the swinging scene until their late twenties or early thirties. I’ve had a theory about this latter point, which goes like this. In our society young woman are brainwashed by society and their immediate families to conform to a particular set of values. While most people now think its perfectly OK for women to have sex before marriage, they’re still often looked down on if they go through a large number of different partners. This also goes some way to explaining why women, when quizzed on how many sex partners they’ve had, usually give a lower figure than they’ve really fucked – one friend of mine at University never counted her one night stands if they didn’t make her cum! In addition, while it’s considered fine for them to have a series of lovers in their late teens and early twenties (but not too many of course), women come under fairly relentless pressure from friends and family to ‘settle down’. i.e find one guy to supposedly spend the rest of their life with.. Again, most end up doing this usually by their mid to late twenties, and it’s only after three or four years of marriage that a terrible truth dawns on them – they’ve basically signed a contract that limits them to having sex with the same guy for the rest of their lives, and guess what? While they still do love him, the sex is getting a little repetitive, and possibly boring, and they need some variety, or maybe just want to explore their sexual fantasies! This is the time that most women will start to consider the possibility of a bit on the side, or alternatively, they might start to consider swinging. Thus, up until recently, most couples who were involved in swinging have been aged from about 28-48. However, there seems to have been a definite change in this situation over the last couple of years. We’ve noticed that our Debauchery swingers parties have had more couples in their twenties attending. I initially assumed that this was just a fluke mainly due to the fact that attendances had been at record levels during that period, but I was talking with a couple who run one of the other leading couple’s parties, and they confirmed that the same thing was happening on their nights. It’s difficult to be sure exactly why this has occured. Certainly one of the big factors that draws women into the scene is a chance to experiment with bi-sex in a non-threatening atmosphere, and we’ve seen a lot of that recently. It may also just be that people are finding it easier to get information on swinger’s parties, and so a wider range of people are coming forward. The internet has certainly helped in this respect. However, I suspect that another attitudinal shift in attitudes is occurring. Just as women in the 1960s and 1970s felt able to assert their right to pre-marital sex without being called sluts, maybe now in the early part of the 21st century, they’re starting to feel confident about asserting their right to sexual variety in general.


Ed - 1/9/2008



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