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Foreplay - May


It’s been a hectic six weeks here at “Vixsinland”, which is why this issue has taken longer then usual to get out into the shops. As those of you who come into the office to buy your Saints and Sinners tickets well know, we’ve been based in St Kilda for more than 12 years. When we moved there, our part of St Kilda wasn’t considered that trendy, so we got a good deal on the rent. Times have changed though, and over that 12 year period practically all of St Kilda is now classed as trendy, and as a consequence, rents have sky-rocketed. We probably would have worn the rent increase anyway, but we discovered that a new apartment block is to be built literally right next door to our St Kilda office, with work beginning in June, and we were concerned about the noise, mess and vibrations that will occur as a result. For that reason, we decided to move to new offices, which we did immediately after the last Saints and Sinners Ball. We’re now happily ensconced out near Chadstone, but as a consequence we’ve had to get new phone numbers, which are listed at the bottom of this page, and we’ll shortly get a new PO Box address as well. The old phone numbers and PO Box will work in tandem with the new ones for a few months, but it’s probably best if you adjust your records now. I’m sure many of you will agree with me that moving offices or homes is one of the most stressful tasks imaginable. The sheer volume of crap that has to be sorted through and transported makes it a job that practically no-one enjoys. In our case though, it’s been a bit of a cathartic experience. People who know me will tell you that I’m a bit of a hoarder, to say the least, which is a trait I inherited from my father. I’m also noted for being a messy hoarder, so although I know I’ve kept something, it can be a real bastard actually finding it again. In sorting through all the stuff at the office, I managed to find everything of importance that I’d lost in the last few years, so that was a bonus. However, it was the stuff that I’d forgotten I’d kept that made it more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. In particular, we found piles of old photos from past Saints and Sinners Balls back in the 1990s which led to us wondering what had happened to many of the couples in the photos, who we hadn’t seen in quite a while. I’d kept the photos because I was originally planning to publish a book on the twentieth anniversary of Saints & Sinners, which will be in a couple of years time, and was going to include photos from as many of the Balls as possible. However, it’s been pointed out to me that many of the people in the photos will have moved on to new marriages and partners, and they mightn’t have told their new partners what they used to get up to, so I’m having a rethink about that one. Speaking of Saints and Sinners, I must also apologise for the fiasco of the smokers room at the last Ball. Originally the venue management had planned to have an outside smokers area in the alley behind the venue, but they then offered us a room inside the venue which we thought would be much more suitable, because we were told it had a good ventilation system. This turned out to be total bullshit, but by the time we found out, it was too late to change anything. We’ve told the venue owners that we won’t be using that venue again unless they can come up with a better option for smokers. There are some photos from the last Ball in this issue, and there’ll be more in the June one. The June Ball itself will take place on Saturday June 28, and tickets are on sale now. Details are on page 22, and I can assure all the smokers that they have a great area to use at the June venue.


Ed - 1/5/2008



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