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Foreplay - March


Australia’s multi-culturism is something we all take for granted these days. It’s such an integral part of society that most of the time we no longer blink, regardless of who we chat to, play footy against, or get naked with. It’s given us the greatest variety of restaurants in the western world at the best prices you’ll see this side of Bratislava…and in the swinging scene it’s given us a smorgasbord of international flesh to play with! Being a swinger’s magazine it’ll come as no great surprise to you that I’m going to talk about the getting naked part today. My formative sexual years (mid/late teens to mid twenties) were spent in an environment where I basically, for want of a better description, shagged only girls from an English background. I wasn’t discriminating you understand, ….that was just the women that seemed to available at the time, and I was a walking, talking sperm–producing machine looking to inject it anywhere I could. The only girl I remember from a European background was an amply breasted female named Gabriella , who occupied my every waking and sleeping thought at age 15. I could never get over the fact that her mother used to wave at us through the kitchen window as we disappeared down the back of the garden to pash madly and feel each other up, underneath the lemon tree. My mother would have killed me. Sadly that was as far as I ever got with the lovely Gabriella, but I have to admit that it did inspire me to seek out other ‘more exotic’ women. In my first three years in Melbourne, I thought I’d found the sexual smorgasbord. Every second girl I went out with seemed to have Greek parents or an Italian Grandfather, and while their sexual experience ranged widely from good Greek girls who’d only suck my dick or let me fuck them in the arse because they were saving themselves for marriage(!!!), to the others who said I could fuck them in any hole that winked at me, I almost always had a great time. And then, as I entered the swinger’s scene, I started to meet couples who were after threesomes, and at that point I really became aware of the cultural differences within the population here. One couple I did a threesome with came from a Serbian background and when arriving at my flat the female partner would always shake my hand. Never a kiss, never a hug, barely a word of conversation, but always a handshake. This seemed really weird to me because less than 10 minutes later she’d be naked on my lounge floor and you couldn’t shut her up, as she explained in great detail just what she wanted me to do with my cock, and where I was to put it, and for how long, all the while giving a running commentary while we did it. We’d have a good long session, and when it was over and they were ready to leave I got….you guessed it….a handshake as they walked out the door. That was quite mild though compared to the two Egyptian couples I met. Although neither couple knew each other, and I met them more than a year apart, they both behaved exactly the same way when they arrived at my flat. The male partner knocked on the door, and insisted on walking through the flat and checking every room to make sure that no-one else was there. He then went back to the street where his wife was waiting in the car and brought her in. I found this a fairly bizarre thing for one couple to do, but for both couples to do exactly the same thing really floored me. Both explained that they wanted to have a varied sex life but if the local Egyptian community got wind of it, they and their kids would be ostracized. I thought about this again last week when I read about a Hong Kong actress named Gillian Chung. Nude photos of her and a male star in bed appeared on the web about three weeks ago, having been stolen from a personal computer owned by the male star. Chung, who is 27, and who is obviously the victim here, made a public statement apologising for the photos! It’s really quite sad that in a modern democracy in the 21st century, there are still so many people who feel that they can’t be honest about their private sexual activities, primarily because they fear some kind of disapproval or retribution from their own friends or racial group.


Ed - 1/3/2008



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