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Foreplay - February


Public sex is a concept that intrigues many Australians, regardless of whether they fancy the idea of doing it themselves, or they hope to catch somebody else doing it. That latter group can include those who get off on the idea of watching other people get down and dirty in public, as well as those God-bothering types who deliberately seek it out so they can tell everyone how disgusted they were, by what they saw. Most nude beaches in Australia not only get visits from your garden-variety sun worshipper, but they also get a healthy dose of people who like the idea of a bit of carnal fun in the sand-dunes, and of course there’s always some people who hope to catch them at it, and many of those are hoping to be invited to join in on the fun, or at least be allowed to stay and watch. Anyone with a brain knows that this goes on at nude beaches, so it’s only the morbidly stupid who are likely to be surprised or angry about it. Having said that, the public tends to be less relaxed about gay guys who visit the ‘beats’ (usually parks or public toilets) looking for some quick anonymous sex, especially if the people getting their rocks off are not being too discreet about it. One of the most interesting aspects of public sex, are the excuses that people doing it can come up with, when they’re caught. I was reminded of this after reading a couple of articles in the paper this week. The first concerned a Russian couple who got into trouble when the female partner started giving the male a blowjob at 35,000 feet above sea-level. The Russian pair had only just met on the flight to Brazil, and got carried away four hours into the 12-hour flight. The plane was full with 350 passengers when crew members were approached by a few passengers complaining that the defendants were acting in an “indecent manner”. Presumably there were a lot more passengers who thought it was quite funny. One of the female cabin crew went to the couple and saw that the female was face down in the groin area of the male passenger. She later told the cops that she felt physically sick by this as it was in the full view of other passengers. Clearly this female staff member does not fit the definition of ‘sexually adventurous”. The woman giving the blowjob later claimed that she didn’t normally drink, and was unaware that it would have a bigger effect on her on a flight. I don’t know about you, but I’ve flown an awful lot and have never once been offered a blowjob by the woman sitting next to me, no matter how pissed she was. Maybe I need to sit next to more Russian women. The second article concerned an American politician caught in the act. Senator Larry Craig, of Idaho is asking the Court of Appeal to let him withdraw his previous guilty plea to disorderly conduct stemming from a police sex sting at the Minneapolis airport, on the grounds that people who have sex in closed public toilets "have a reasonable expectation of privacy." The Republican senator (isn’t it strange how it’s always the conservative ones?) was arrested in June by an undercover cop who said Craig tapped his feet and swiped his hand under a toilet wall divider in a way that signalled he wanted sex. Craig has denied that, saying his actions were misconstrued, but is arguing that even if he had been inviting the cop to have sex, his actions wouldn't be illegal. The Senator said that he had previously plead guilty because, although he was innocent, he thought it would all just blow over quietly if he didn’t make a fuss about it! 10,000 acres of newsprint and TV reports later, I think he might just have made a slight error on that one. Whether they like to admit it or not, watching public sex or actually participating in it, is a fantasy for many people in the general population. Of course, those of you reading this mostly belong to the proportion of the population who do enjoy it, especially if you also like attending Debauchery or Saints & Sinners. Just remember that if you do get caught you probably need to have a better excuse than Senator Craig, or our two ‘Crazy Ivans’. Either that, or a fast car for a quick getaway!


Ed - 1/2/2008



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