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Foreplay - January


So here we are again at the end of an old year, and the beginning of a new one. Hopefully we were able to contribute positively to your sexual well-being over the course of the last twelve months, whether it was through the magazine, or our website, or our parties. Speaking of our website, it will be undergoing a huge transformation over the next few weeks, and should be much more functional and useful to those of you who like to make use of internet contacts as well as written and phone contacts With the personal advertisements we’ve published during the last 12 months, we’ve noticed a few bad habits creeping in, which we think will adversely affect the ability of some of you to meet the kind of people you’re looking for, so I thought I’d compile a list of dos and don’ts to share with you, so that hopefully your success rate in 2008 will be better than 2007, whether you prefer to meet people through email, via the phone contacts, or via the internet. So, here we go…. 1) Do give people an idea of what area you live in, and what areas you’re prepared to travel to. This is important in the big cities, but even more important in country areas. Advertising yourself as coming from ‘Country NSW’ is fairly useless if you don’t give some idea of what part of the State you mean. Gundagai is a long way from Tamworth, but they’re both covered by the Country NSW heading. 2) Do tell the truth. Don’t say you’re ‘stocky’ when you’re overweight. Don’t say you’re bi when you’re only vaguely curious. Don’t say you’re aged late 30s when you’re going to be 53 next birthday. Don’t advertise as a couple if you haven’t told your wife or girlfriend about it. Don’t say your cock is 8” long when it’s 6”. 3) Do put a detailed description of yourselves in the ad. Most people hate reading one or two line ads, or listening to a short 10 second phone message, and will almost certainly ignore them. Try and get some of your personality across. Think about the traits you have that other people like. They don’t even have to be sexual ones. Definitely mention if you smoke or drink, or maybe indulge in other chemical pursuits, and what your attitude is to other people who do the same. Mention if you want to use condoms, or prefer not to. 4) Do ask for what you want. Don’t say you’re a couple looking to swap partners if one of you is not sure about swapping. 5) Don’t advertise for a couple with the intention of trying to isolate the female as your play partner, while freezing our her male partner. 6) Where possible, always include a photo or photos with your ad. Our new website will allow you to put multiple photos on-line, and you can do the same in the magazine. Your photos don’t have to be nude, and we can cover the faces for you, if you wish. If you don’t include a photo with your own ad, but then insist that anyone responding includes a photo with their reply, you’re being rude. Remember, you’re selling yourselves, so you have to make them want to contact you. I guess the overriding advice I’d give, which sums up all the above, is for you to be detailed and honest. If you do that, you might not get what you want immediately, but when you do meet a couple, they’re much more likely to be compatible. There are few more soul-destroying feelings than going to the trouble of meeting a couple who promised so much in their ad, but turned out to be so different in reality.


Ed - 1/1/2008



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