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Foreplay - December


During the next few months we plan to revive the ‘Orgy Night’ swingers parties that we used to run at regular intervals up until two or three years ago. Those of you who’ve only recently started coming to our ‘Debauchery’ parties are probably asking yourselves just what the difference is between the regular Debauchery nights and the orgy nights, especially as some Debauchery’s do indeed resemble an orgy. Well, read on little deviates and all shall be revealed The regular nights are held every third Saturday, except when we have a Saints and Sinners Ball scheduled for that night, or if some emergency occurs such as my parents coming to visit. At the regular nights we only allow couples or single women to attend, and we usually have between 40-50 couples, easily the largest true swingers party in the city and probably the country. It's not compulsory to swing at the regular parties, but obviously most people do. However we do realize that first-timers are usually as nervous as all hell when they first come to a swinger’s party, so we try to make it as easy as possible for them. If people are a bit nervous, we say it's OK for them to just watch what's going on around them without getting involved. Equally, it's perfectly OK for them to decide they just want to play with each other, in the midst of everybody else having sex around them. There's at least one couple I know, who come along to almost every party and do just that. It's their particular turn-on and I see nothing wrong with it. The one big no-no at all our parties (besides the fact that there's no smoking inside) concerns the guys, and that rule basically says that if a guy brings a woman along to the party who declines to have sex with any other guy in the place (as it is her right to do at the regular parties), then the guy who brought her along is also not allowed to have sex with any other woman there. This rule is in place to stop guys bringing along women who we call "door-passes"- women who have no intention of ever having sex with another guy there, but who do the guys a favour by accompanying them to the party. While it is perfectly possible for the regular nights to turn into an all-in orgy with everyone rooting themselves senseless, in practice there will always be some people (mainly first-timers) who decide they don't want to do anything. By contrast, the orgy nights have a different set of rules, designed to ensure that those evenings ARE an all-in rootathon. The couples who attend must both be actively interested in having at least three or four partners on the night. In other words, any woman who comes along to the orgy night is effectively giving up her right to opt-out. She still has the right to say no to any particular guy she may not want to fuck, but aside from that one exception, she's obligated to have sex with a number of the guys there. This usually won’t appeal to most first-time women, whereas it’s perfect for those women who like (or who've been fantasizing that they might like) multiple cocks on the same evening. Because the women who attend the orgy nights tend to have large libidos, we have another major rule change - we allow a small number of single guys to attend. Now, before I get thousands of phone calls from single guys wanting to be a part of this, read the next sentence carefully. Single guys who attend are either guys I personally know can perform well in a group situation, or who have been recommended to me by women who've screwed them in the past, so if you're a single guy please don't call me at the office trying to wangle an invitation - you won't get one. We're limiting the orgy nights to a maximum of 20 couples, plus 5 extra single guys to help service those very horny women we tend to get there, and we'll be having those nights once every three or four months, always on a Friday. Couples wanting to attend will both have to speak with me first, just so I know that both of you understand what's going to happen. Single women wanting to be serviced by many guys are also welcome. So, in a nutshell, women who aren't sure they want to fuck other guys when they go to a party should go to the regular nights, while women who are certain that they want many guys will enjoy the orgy nights was well as the regular nights. If you’re interested in coming, just phone me at the office and I’ll put you down on our contact list for advance notice of future orgy nights.


Ed - 1/12/2007



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