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The Business of Swinging


From some point early in our childhood, almost up till the day we die, most of us have an interest in sexual imagery. Often it’s presented to us in advertising even if we don’t ask for it, but generally we seek it out, in print or in pictures, or in reality. The most compelling proof of this is the fact that the most common word entered into internet search engines is ‘sex’. That means there’s a hell of a lot of people checking out sex in the privacy of their own homes, or surreptitiously at their office, even though in public they might pretend they’re not interested. No matter what the conservative politicians or religious wowsers might try to pretend, it’s a fact of life that sex sells – hell, for most of my adult life I’ve made a living out of that very notion. Fifteen years ago, if you wanted to meet other swinger’s you bought magazines, or attended swinger’s parties, and those were your choices. The advent of the web has now changed the landscape completely. Magazines still play a part, but it’s reduced in size, while the internet has grown in leaps and bounds, and not just in terms of personal ads/profiles. The great advantage of the Internet is that it has democratized the media – it’s made it available to smaller businesses who, by and large, could never afford to advertise or publish in the traditional ways, and the public around the world are taking advantage of this phenomenon by starting new businesses in all areas. Consequently, there’s now more scope for sexually based businesses to be able to promote themselves and be successful, which in turn encourages others to try their hand. Last month we told you about our swinger’s winter weekend getaway that we’ll be holding in country Victoria in mid-August (see the ad on page XX). In earlier years, we would have only be able to promote this to our own readers, and mostly within Victoria, but now the internet lets us advertise to a much wider audience, and will mean a bigger variety of people who attend. Worldwide, swinger’s events have become much easier to track down. If a winter weekend isn’t your idea of fun, perhaps you might like a swinger’s holiday in the Caribbean. In Jamaica there’s a resort called ‘Hedonism’, or ‘Hedo’ for short. Actually, there were once three of them, called, funnily enough, Hedo 1, 2 and 3, although Hedo 1 has closed now. The resort is open to swingers and non-swingers alike, but they stay in separate areas, called ‘Prudes’ and ‘Nudes’. It’s not cheap, but friends who’ve been there said they had a great time. Apparently Hedo 2 is the best one to stay at, and most of their business has developed from Internet bookings and advertising. But perhaps you’re looking for something closer to home. Just a few days ago I got an email from a couple in Thailand. They’re originally from England, but have opened an upmarket 18 bedroom swinger-friendly resort/guesthouse in Pattaya, and are seeking visitors from all over the Pacific and Europe, with the Internet being their main form of advertising. The point I’m making here is that most of these activities, primarily or totally designed with swingers in mind, would have had much more difficultly getting customers in the pre-Internet days, but everything’s changed now, and it can only develop further. Ten years ago I jokingly told some friends that when I retired I might start the world’s first swinger’s retirement village. Who knows - maybe the internet will eventually mean that it’s not the crazy idea I thought back then.


Ed - 6/1/2007



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