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Debauchery’s Winter Weekend Swinger’s Getaway.


Winter in Victoria can be a fairly depressing experience at times. The days are short, the nights are long and cold, and unless you’ve got someone warm and/or horny to cuddle up to, spring can seem a long way off. So, hands up all those of you who’d like a weekend away at a private lodge in country Victoria with a whole bunch of like-minded sexual deviates this winter. Yep, I thought there might be a few of you. We’re currently negotiating with the owners of a great property near Mansfield to take over the whole venue for the weekend of August 17,18 & 19. The owners of the venue are very ‘swing-friendly’ although they’re not into swinging themselves, and will essentially let us do whatever we like, as undressed as we like, over the course of the weekend, as long as we don’t break anything. There’s room for at least 60 guests in motel-style accommodation, and we’re going to see if we can increase this number by using other areas of the venue as well. There’s a fully licensed restaurant which will serve us dinner on the Friday and Saturday nights, as well as providing breakfast on the Saturday and Sunday mornings. The main facilities at the venue include pool (which should be heated for us), spa, sauna, tennis courts, large open fire in the main lounge, and snooker table, and of course a fully stocked bar. For those of you looking for some daytime activities that don’t involve sex, the lodge is only 40 minutes from Mt Buller, so a days skiing may be your thing, and if skiing isn’t on the agenda, there’s also the possibility of fishing and horse trail riding amongst other things. In short, it’s the perfect way to get out of the big city and relax during the day, with the possibility of screwing your brains out at night. Some years back we organized something similar, but on a smaller scale, using houseboats on Lake Eildon. I know I speak for everyone who went away with us that weekend in saying that it was one of the best holidays we ever had. Ever since then we’ve been searching for an affordable land-based venue where we could enjoy similar activities. There’s been a couple of times we’ve come close, but it just hasn’t worked out. Now though, we’re 90% certain that this will go ahead. The key to doing it is negotiating an affordable deal covering accommodation and meals, and making sure that all facilities are working properly, which is what we’ll be doing over the next couple of weeks. We hope to be able to confirm everything by the end of May at the latest. So, if you’re interested in joining us, you should register that interest by phoning the office on 9534-5788 during business hours. We expect a mixture of Victorian and Interstate guests, as we always get for Saints and Sinners too. Places will be available for couples and women only – no single guys under any circumstances. The whole point of the weekend is for swinging couples (and possibly a few female friends) to get together in a relaxing environment, away from work and the kids, to indulge their sexual urges, whether they are into one-on-one swapping, or full on 20-person orgies. From previous experience, we know that the key to such a weekend is mutual respect, and a shared desire amongst everyone to have a good time. That being the case, we will only accept bookings from people after chatting with both partners, and we feel that you would fit in well with the other guests. We’re not being elitist – we just want everyone to have a bloody good time. We hope to be able to confirm all details in the next issue, and should have information packages we can send out, or that you can download from our web site, from the beginning of June, all with the aim of giving you a weekend in mid-August that you’ll remember for a long time to come.


ED - 5/1/2007



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