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Foreplay – AIDS - March


This is not an editorial I wanted to write, because it’s going to piss a number of people off, for a variety of reasons, but what the hell. Let’s start with a little background info. I first got into the swinging scene in the early/mid 1980s. Not long afterwards, the world discovered HIV, and for a while it seemed like all swingers clubs would have to close down, because of the perceived risk of our kind of casual sexual encounters. The Grim Reaper campaign helped to convince most of the country that everybody was at risk, and that it was just a matter of time before the disease crossed over into the mainstream population from the gay community, where most of the infections were occurring. Time went by…many years in fact, and people kept parroting these warnings – so much so, that for many people, the warnings became fact, at least in their own minds. But then, slowly, a funny thing happened. People began to realise that we weren’t all at risk. It dawned on them that if they and their hetero friends were in some kind of danger from this new infection, that there would be people they knew who became infected….but nobody they knew was. Indeed, over twenty years later, the rate of new infections is still overwhelmingly entrenched in the gay community. Based on this, it could be argued that the Grim Reaper campaign was one of the most fraudulent PR exercises ever foisted on the Australian population. Now, I can probably hear some of you saying that the Grim Reaper campaign may have been the reason for the very low hetero infection rate we have, and at first glance it seems like a reasonable suggestion. However, if you compare the HIV infection rate in Australia with that of New Zealand, which is the closest country to us in terms of geography and lifestyle, you’ll find that the infection rate in NZ was actually much lower than in Australia, and they had nothing even close to the Grim Reaper campaign. So, this means that the news is all good Australia’s heterosexuals, right? Well, not totally. There is a risk to a small proportion of the hetero population that nobody is talking about. You won’t find any articles about it in the papers, because the people who’d normally write about it are too scared of being labelled racist….so I guess it’s up to me. Every year in Australia, about 200 heterosexuals acquire HIV. It’s a tiny number, compared to the 34,000 people in NSW alone who get cancer each year, but it’s still a horrendous thing for those it happens to. What nobody seems to want to tell you about this figure, is that at least 57% (and possibly up to almost 70%) of these new infections are either in people who come from SE Asia or what’s called sub-Saharan Africa, or in people who’ve had unprotected sex with people from those two regions. The reason I bring this up is because I believe it’s the one area where hetero people in the swinging scene do need to be very careful in their choice of partners, and in their use of condoms. I know many women who’ve got a ‘big black cock’ fantasy, and many guys who fantasise about Asian women. I personally find myself looking at some of the gorgeous Sudanese women who’ve migrated here in recent years, and wondering what they’d be like in the sack….and I still want to find out. But, if I do end up in bed with some cute Sudanese chick, or anybody else from mid to Southern Africa, I’ll be making damn sure there’s a condom on the end of my dick. In the same way, I’ll also be telling my horny female friends to be careful the next time they climb on top of a big black African cock. That way if they meet a guy such as Zambian migrant, Solomon Mwale, in the nightclubs of Victoria, they won’t end up catching HIV from him, as his regular partner did. Mwales case became public last month, when he appeared in Geelong Magistrates Court, but no mention was made in the article about the risks posed by other migrants. I realise some of you will think I’m sounding like Pauline Hanson, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. I just want you all to be careful in what is really the only significant area of HIV risk that still exists for hetero Australians. It’s not racist – it’s just a fact of life.


Ed - 3/1/2007



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