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Transsexual Gangbangers 8 - She Males
I always find the most fun with a tranny DVD to be deciding just who is the least feminine person on screen, so imagine the shock I got when the most masculine person in the first half of this DVD turned out to be the only actual female there – well, at least until she took her clothes off. This DVD splits roughly into two halves. In the first half our four tranny friends are performing a no-holes barred assault on the aforementioned female, while in the second half some poor guy is getting a working over the ‘ladies’. Definitely only for those people who are curious about, or who enjoy, seeing chicks with dicks (and very deep voices in some cases). Also contains a couple of the worst boob jobs you’ll ever see anywhere.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 60 Minutes  Click to enlarge
Theme: Trannysville
Cat ID: 35206
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