Vixen - Swingers Australia
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This DVD features a series of 5 short scenes from the PRIVATE stable and they all live up to the usual high standard of action we expect from the worlds most professional porn production house. First up is a mini Marquis De Sade type sequence that could have expanded out into a full-scale feature. The second one is basically a standard sex scene while the third is called ‘Double Honeymoon’ and concerns a guy who’s married two women – don’t ask me why. The most interesting of the sequences is the fourth one, which features that old porno staple of a cute wife fucking the visiting tradesman – however, this one is spiced up by the arrival home of the husband and his girlfriend, with an all-in foursome being the end result, finishing up with the plumber cumming in bucketloads over the two girls. The fifth one is unusual in a PRIVATE video in that it’s an all-girl sequence featuring 3 gorgeous women and a collection of toys.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 82 mins  Click to enlarge
Theme: Mixed
Cat ID: OFLC No. 4136640A
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