Vixen - Swingers Australia
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HAYSEED - Gold Label
Life on the farm... can't beat it. There's nuthin' like plantin' the fields, but you can learn a lot from watchin' da bunnies. So Sweet Pea tries it on with her cousin... and ends up fuckin' him like a beast. Sweet's sister Farmer Joe, who happens to be a woman, has better plans than falling in the old haystack with a relative. She wants to make it big in Hollywood. And thus she catches a bus to L.A. The next thing she knows, she's flat on 'er back and auditioning for a porn part. Her ability to do anal guarantees her a major part and a prosperous career. Goodbye Farmer Joe, hello Glorias Hole. Her first movie goes relatively well, despite director Kyle Stone being so busy with an aspiring actress blowing him. He fucks her in both her holes. But the new star misses home. Home where her lover is waiting patiently for her return. The city is noisy. Dirty. And there's a cute gal back home who just wants to get all pink, if possible with anal. So she packs her country bags and heads home. To where the heart is. Special mention should also be made of the production values on this video, particularly the crystal clear picture. However, if you don’t like your porn stars wearing condoms, then this tape won’t be for you.
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 101 minutes  Click to enlarge
Cat ID: OFLC No. 55354701
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