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Harry S Morgan, that German visionary of frivolous fuck filth presents his brand new casting video. Set in an opulent castle he invites fresh young things to tell us about themselves then he sets them the task of screwing strangers. From Luci with the perfect buttocks to Nikola, whose hobby is piercing, the girls put on a great amateur showing. The pinnacle is the DP Zdenka the non-leg shaver endures. It brings a tear to the eye. Although the film is in German, and every one of the girls appears to be from the Czech Republic (what is it about all those old East European countries that produces so many horny young girls) there’s enough English speaking participants to easily understand every juicy detail. Ranging in age from 19-23yo, some of these girls look a lot more relaxed than do others, suggesting that this is a ‘for-real’ audition session, rather the mock-up rubbish that comes from some other sources. GERMAN AUDIO
Reviewer: Ed Duration: 114 Minutes  Click to enlarge
Cat ID: OFLC: 4035542B
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